“Immature, and yes, arrogant.”
— William Bowen, former President of Princeton University
One of the most respected critics of street and graffiti art in the world.
— Riccardo Vannetti, L'Uomo Vogue
Petty criminal.
— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

RJ Rushmore has been involved in contemporary art as a writer, curator, photographer, arts administrator, and fan since 2008. With a focus on street art, graffiti, and public art, RJ facilitates and promotes disruptive art outdoors, in galleries, and online. He founded the street art blog Vandalog, and is currently Co-Curator of Art in Ad Places and Marketing and Digital Communications Manager at Creative Time.

RJ has been featured in Artforum, CNN, The Creators Project, The Economist, Hyperallergic, The Nation, The New York Times, PAPER, Time, and elsewhere.

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